Inflatable boat cruises

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Děčín – Schmilka

Route length - 15 km – about 3 hours

The cruise starts right from the campsite (Elbe's right bank). In the beggining, a beautiful view at the Děčín Castle and the Shepherd's Wall offers itself. After that, you cruise through the unique nature of Elbe's canyon. Mind the shuttle ferry in "Dolní Žleb" (left bank). The end of cruise is right behind the border in the German town Schmilka (right bank). You can find a great bakery here with a stone furnace.




Děčín – Bad Schandau

Route length - 22 km – about 4 hours

This cruise is the lengthened version of the previous one. You continue through the German part of Elbe's canyon, where you can see the stone formations above the river (Schramstein) and folk architecture. The end of this cruise is located at Elbe's left bank, next to the railway station in Bad Schandau.



Ústí nad Labem – Děčín

Route length – 23 km

The starting point of this cruise is at the campsite. It finishes at the harbor under the Děčín Castle.


Povrly – Děčín

Route length – 15 km

The starting point is at the ferry on the left bank. The end is at Děčín's harbor once again.

The price includes preparation of crafts (inflating and servicing), rental of paddles and life vests, briefing, transportation of all equipment incl. bikes on the route Děčín – Schmilka and a pickup of all equipment at the finishing point of the cruise (Dolní Žleb, Hřensko, Schmilka) + transportation of crafts. Transportation beyond this cruise is priced at 12 CZK/kilometre.



Lengthened cruises (daytips):


Děčín – Königstein

Route length – 27 km

The end of this cruise is at the left bank. Here you will find a great tourist attraction, the Königstein Fortress. It is one of the largest mountain fortresses in Europe and an open-air military history museum since 1955.



Děčín – Rathen

Route length – 33 km

The end of this cruise is at the left bank. This spa town is one of the smallest in all of Saxony. It is located under a wonderful mountain scenery of the Elbe Sandstones. From here you can hike to Bastei, a mountain formation with lookout plateaus and a mountain bridge.



Děčín – Stadt Wehlen

Route length – 36 km

The end of this cruise is at stone stairs on Elbe's left bank about 100 metres before the ferry. There is a Cyclist Church (Radfahrer Kirche) inside the town.



Děčín – Pirna

Route length – 44 km

The end of this cruise is on Elbe's left bank about 200 m before a bridge. The historical core of Pirna has been very well preserved. One of the most important sights is the Church of the Virgin Mary from the 16th century, a renaissance town hall with elements of baroque or Sonnenstein, a castle above the town.





How to return from the cruise :


You can return by bike along the Elbe Cycle Route. The journey back from Schmilka takes 2 hours at the most.

If you don't have a bike of your own, you can rent it for 10 €/day or you can try a kick scooter for 10 €/day. Order it at the reception and it will be ready at the campsite within a moment. For a unique experience we recommend renting the electric bikefor 20 €/day.

You can also use the cycle route for in-line skating. Or you can take the train back to Děčín, there are stops every few kilometres along the way. For groups under 7 people you can be driven back with the crafts. We will also gladly organize transportation for bigger groups.



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