Inflatable boat cruises

Minimum difficulty, suitable for families with children. The Elbe flows very slowly in these places. Ideal for canoes, rafts. a paddleboards

Děčín – Schmilka

Route length - 15 km – about 3 hours
The cruise starts right from the campsite (Elbe's right bank). In the beggining, a beautiful view at the Děčín Castle and the Shepherd's Wall offers itself. After that, you cruise through the unique nature of Elbe's canyon. Mind the shuttle ferry in "Dolní Žleb" (left bank). The end of cruise is right behind the border in the German town Schmilka (right bank). You can find a great bakery here with a stone furnace..

Děčín – Bad Schandau

Route length - 22 km – about 4 hours
This cruise is the lengthened version of the previous one. You continue through the German part of Elbe's canyon, where you can see the stone formations above the river (Schramstein) and folk architecture. The end of this cruise is located at Elbe's left bank, next to the railway station in Bad Schandau.

How to return from the cruise:

You can return by bike along the Elbe Cycle Route. The journey back from Schmilka takes 2 hours at the most. If you don't have a touring bike or a scooter of your own, you can rent it for 10€/day. For a unique experience we recommend renting the electrobike. – 20€/day. You can also use the cycle route for in-line skating. Or you can take the train back to Děčín, there are stops every few kilometres along the way. We will also gladly organize transportation for groups.
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